Intelliag MVT Control System

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MVT 4.3" Terminal - #47294-0110

MVT 7" Terminal - #47294-0115

Designed for Flexibility and Expansion When You Need It​

The IntelliAg® MVT is a two-channel control system for row crop planters which allows for application of 2 separate products or sections of the planter, while simultaneously monitoring up to 84 seed sensors for individual row performance and population. In addition, the system offers optional manual individual row section control. The IntelliAg MVT can also be used as a planter population monitor only or as an air seeder monitor.


Monitor Features:

  • High definition 4.3” color display for easy

  • Eight keys and rotary dial for easy setup and operation

  • Options for many in-cab operations, including: programming, material selection, rate change, optional row on/off control


Monitor Views:

  • Seed Multiples – Min/Max Scan, Row Scan, Average

  • Population – Average, Max Row, Min Row,

  • Min/Max Row Scan, Row Scan

  • Seeding Skips – Min/Max Scan, Row Scan, Average

  • Area – Per Hour, Scan, Field 1, Field 2 Total,

  • Seed Channel 1, Seed Channel 2 Application Rates

  • Accessories – Hopper Level, Air Pressure, RPM

  • Product Level and Accumulators – Channel 1, Channel 2

  • Seeds Per Acres Application Rate

  • Population Bargraphs with High/Low Limits


Configuration Options:

  • Planter Monitor Only - 72 Seed Rows Monitoring

  • Planter Monitor and Control - 2 Planter Channel, 84 Seed Rows Monitoring

  • Air Seeder Monitor - Blockage Only