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Continental Magnum Equalizer™ NH3 Heat Exchanger

Continental Magnum Equalizer

Controlled Application of NH3

  • Allows faster runs at lower tank pressures

  • Attain flow rates up to 9,600 lb./hr.

  • Standard 1 1/4 in. plumbing

  • Compatible with N-Serve nitrogen stabilizer

  • Interchangeable orificed hose barbs for constant 2% or less vapor bleed off

Technical Information

To ensure the highest possible flow rates, your applicator plumbing must be sized properly. The following is a guideline for transfer of NH3 from the nurse tank to the applicator.


0-3,6001 in. feed line and breakaway

3,600-6,8001 1/4 in. feed line and breakaway

6,800 & up1 1/2 in. feed line and breakaway

NH3 System Flow Rates
All maximum flow rates listed are at 110 psi tank pressure. To account for application in cold conditions where tank pressures will be significantly lower, use the following conversion when sizing an NH3 system. Approximately 1/3 of the total system capacity is lost at one half of the tank pressure.

  • Example: 42.5 ft. x 6 mph x 200 lbs. NH3 x 0.1212 = 6,181 lbs./hr.

  • 6,181 lbs./hr. x 1.335 = 8,251 lbs./hr.

Based on the calculation above, you would need a system with at least 8,251 lbs./hr. capacity to put on the required amount at 55 psi tank pressure or in this instance, a DICKEY-john/Continental system rated at 9,600 lbs./hr. maximum flow rate.


NH3 or Granular Flow Rate Formula
To calculate NH3 flow rates (lbs./hr.) so you can select the appropriate heat exchanger kit and valve size, use the following formula:

Applicator width x speed x application rate (gpa) x 0.1212
Example: 42.5 ft. x 6 mph x 200 lbs. NH3 x 0.1212 = 6,181 lbs./hr.

NH3 Kit Anhydrous Ammonia Flow Rate Chart Heat Exchanger Kit  Maximum Flow Rate Valve Size

Single TTU
4,200 lbs./hr.3/4 in.

Single TTU
5,500 lbs./hr.1 in.

Double TTU
6,800 lbs./hr.1 in.

Magnum Equalizer
9,600 lbs./hr.1 1/4 in.

NH3 Kit with 1 1/4" Ball valve and Actuator - #CONTNH3KIT

NH3 Flow Meter Complete- #45790-1610S1

NH3 Flow Meter Sensor Only - #45790-1570AS1

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