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Calibration and Training

At Champion Industrial Equipment our commitment to service is unmatched. That is why we have service agents on the road that provide on-site service and calibration work for your fleet or facility. We also provide on-site operator and mechanics training for the Public Works division. See below for step-by-step calibration procedures for granular and liquid applications for either the Control Point or Flex4 PRO systems. We also have below the different ground speed connections for the World Allison speed cables for different generations of trucks.

For the agricultural division, we provide yearly on-site calibrations of your moisture testers and grain analyzers to ensure they are matching CGC standards and have the current grain charts.

Call us at 613-938-2900 to schedule your on-site service with one of our qualified service agents.

  Calibration Procedures Public Works  
Control Point
Flex4 PRO
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