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Control Point Spreader Control

Control Point

The world´s easiest to use spreader system

Control Points®´s resourceful three-channel system gives you the power to control granular and liquid material application rates, spinner speed, and spread width.

This user-friendly unit includes an automatic override that takes control after technical failure, and in the event of ground speed sensor malfunction, the built-in ground speed simulator lets you keep spreading—even when your vehicle is stationary.

Plus, Control Point allows you to record all truck operations and manage the liquid and granular channels individually by increasing or decreasing application rates.

Don´t miss out on accurate applications—choose Control Point control system. Also see below for the wireless download option.

Control Point Console - #46649-1670S1

Switch Module - #46649-3300S1

Granular and Liquid Kit - #CPPWM

Granular Kit - #CPPWMGRAN



Wireless Downloading

The Dickey-john Control Point RF wireless download package gives drivers complete control of sending spreader operation data directly to the office. With the wireless system there is no need for infrared cali-prompters, laptop computers and PDA's to be connected to the truck console for data transmission and reprogramming.

A wireless Base Station connects to an office PC and communicates with truck fleets via a small antenna. Wireless transfer of truck data will occur when the PC program is started and trucks are stationary and within 400' from base station.

An optional external antenna is also available in situations where a signal is compromised between trucks and base station when office interior walls or few windows interfere with a solid reception.

Control Point Wireless features and benefits:​

  • Downloads important spread data from Control Point to the office PC.

  • Compatible with new or existing Control Point consoles

  • Continual updated database of truck fleet material spreading information

  • Creates summary spread, detailed spread, and console configuration reports

  • Creates fleet summary reports for total fleet material usage

Wireless Switch Module - #46649-3200S1

Wireless Base Station - #46649-3400S1

PC Software - #46649-3150S1

External Antenna with 100ft Cable - #EXT ANT KIT

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