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Hopper Level Sensor

Hopper Level Sensor

Low Material Warning

The Hopper Level sensor is mounted inside the box of a planter, drill, air cart or spreader truck. Whenever the material gets below a certain level, the sensor sends a signal to the controller alerting the operator that the material is low with a visual and audible warning.

Agriculture (3 individual connectors):

Planter Sensor  - #46682-0720S3 

Sensor with 1/2" Bushing - #46682-0721S1

20ft Extension - #46682-0710S3

Public Works (4-pin Square Weatherpak):

Sensor with Mounting Protective Bracket - #46421-0518S1 

Sensor Only - #46421-0870S1

20ft Extension - #46421-0506S1

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