Matrix Pro 570GS & 840GS GPS Guidance Systems

matrix pro 570gs
teejet matrix 840gs

Guidance Like You've Never Seen Before

Faster Payback Than Other Guidance Systems

Guidance products pay for themselves by reducing skips and overlaps - saving you money on fuel, seed and crop protection products - and the Matrix Pro GS is no exception. But with the Matrix Pro GS, you get a system that does so much more:

  • The video display can help relieve stress and fatigue by providing more information at row ends and about hard-to-see implement operations

  • The Pro GS helps save time by storing multiple field boundaries and multiple guidelines for future operations. The two-way data transfer allows uploading and downloading of job data, boundaries, no spray zones, AB lines and more

  • The Matrix Pro GS are automatic boom section control (ABSC) and auto-steer ready. It is fast and easy to install and enable and the price is very reasonable

  • You can add up to 8 Realview cameras

  • Choose between the 5.7" screen (570) or the 8.4" screen (840). Displays are bright, colored and touch screen

  • Easy to use graphical menus

  • The Matrix Pro GS has improvements for Fieldpilot Auto Steering, Unipilot Assisted Steering, Boom Pilot ABSC and Tilt Compensation

Matrix Pro 570GS with Patch Antenna - #90-02814

Matrix Pro 840GS with Patch Antenna - #90-02830