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Vigilense Blockage Seed Sensor

Vigiense sensor blockage dickey john

The Most Accurate Blockage Sensor on the Market!

 In today’s commodity marketplace, keeping track of inputs is extremely important for producers. DICKEY-john is pleased to introduce a blockage sensor that stands watch over the seed and fertilizer flow of your customers’ drilling applications.

No other sensor is able to match the Vigilense’s level of accuracy at detecting the smallest canola seed, the largest fertilizer granule, and everything in between.  Without question, this is the most accurate sensor on the market.  Moreover, with Dj console threshold detection, the farmer can detect 25% blockage, 50% blockage or any other predetermined level.  Get more information than just “blocked” or “flowing.”  In the DICKEY-john design, all sensing elements are removed from the inside of the sensor, thereby eliminating any disturbances to seed flow. A harnessed connector allows flexibility during the installation process.


The Vigilense Blockage Sensors is offered in three different hose size configurations: 1 inch (25mm), 1 ¼” (32mm), and 1 ¾” (45mm). (All sizes are Inner Diameter of hose) Each sensor is offered in a standard configuration for seed detection applications or with an added stainless steel insert for fertilizer applications.

1" Standard Sensor - #46472-0701S1

1" with Stainless Steel Insert for fertilizer - #46472-0702S1

1 1/4" Standard Sensor - #46472-0711S1

1 1/4" with SS insert for fertilizer - #46472-0712S1

1 3/4" Standard Sensor - #46472-0720S1

1 3/4" with SS insert for fertilizer - #46472-0721S1

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